Katelyn Lemay

tarot reader, astrology enthusiast,
& co-creator of Tarot Bot


I have been studying and reading tarot for over eight years. I started studying astrology shortly after picking up my first deck of tarot cards to deepen my understanding of the tarot. I help people use tarot and astrology for creativity, personal development, self-reflection, and fun.My approach to both tarot and astrology is to treat the practice like a mirror, not a crystal ball— that means I do not believe tarot or astrology to be predictive. They reveal truths that we probably already know but aren't paying attention to.I co-created Tarot Bot to make it easy and free for people to read tarot for themselves. To accompany Tarot Bot, I've written descriptions and meanings for each card to share the knowledge I've gained over the years.I also offer asynchronous tarot and astrology readings for a fee. If you need more insight than a single card and website description can provide, I'm here to help.